Compare And Contrast Two Parent Families Vs Nuclear Families

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New versus nuclear, one parent versus two parent families; both have advantages and disadvantages and both are very different from each other, yet also similar in certain respects. A family requires much to succeed, much of what parents accomplish is a result of teamwork among family and friends. There are many ways a parent chooses to house their child, both single and double families have their own list of different housing options. The child care within a family is obviously important to both family types, but they are also different in their proceedings. Every person has the chance to make a good amount of money in their lifetime, but which one, if either, has an easier time gather said needed income to provide for their children?
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A baby cannot, obviously, be left alone at home without a form of supervision, be that a parent, family member, or other outside source. Both household types have access to family members and babysitters that can provide child care, because both parent types could possibly require a babysitter. Sometimes both Mom and Dad have to and neither can watch the baby and when there is only a Mom or Dad they too could have to work and need help with child care. Nobody likes leaving their baby to go to work, but both families have to sometimes, in order to provide for said baby. All parents can even develop separation anxiety when away from their baby and feel as if they are the best at taking care of him or her. A mother Heather Turgeon (2016) talks about leaving her baby for the first time, “I was anxious about leaving my little guy, whom I had spent months nurturing around the clock. He felt like such a delicate creature at the time; how could anyone else know how to take care of him and fix things like I did?” (para. 4). Heather attests more to the statement that “mothers know best”. In the case of a single parent family, they have to rely to on an outside source to watch their little one, be that a parent, babysitter etc. A psychologist named Salome Bronnimann explains how and why separation anxiety can occur especially in single mothers, …show more content…
When somebody has a child it is their number one priority, or at least it should be, to provide for and protect them. Both family types go through hardships when it comes to money. Elizabeth Renter (2016) offers some budgeting evidence to expectant parents, “Recurring costs such as diapers, child care and extra food will change your household expenses for years to come. Plan for them now so you aren’t caught off guard,” (Para. 6). It is an excellent point that is made when mentions planning ahead to avoid problems. A single parent can be subjected to many things that make being a single parent overwhelming, for example, feeling like there is no one to help/turn too when it comes to providing for the child because they are mostly the only source of income. Often times single parent families rely on outside sources to help them financially. Double parent families have the luxury of having both parents able to work and earn for the family. Having both parents able to work can put these families ahead of their single parent counterparts. There is also the possibility that one of the parents could be a stay-a-home parent which could also cover child care, which inevitably could save them more money in the future. One parent can make a sufficient amount of money to provide for their kids, but having another person there

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