Edgar Allan Poe Two Side Analysis

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The Two Sides of Edgar Allan Poe Reading has been a challenge to some and a passion to others. For those passionate readers it sometimes happens magnetically, as in they are attracted to the book even before opening it, while others stumble a little before finding something appealing. Short stories are usually used to engage non-readers into the world of literature. Since a young age you get told tales, that hook you into the world of reading, for some you just need to find an author that brings out that passion in you, or the intense fear/ thrill we all seek sometime in our lives. Take for example around the time Halloween approaches many rely on one specific author to engage you in a frightful read, and what better tale than from Edgar Allan Poe. Poe, did have to struggle a little to become the greater writer he is now. For example, Poe, was the main editor of multi-le magazine companies that were successful but when …show more content…
You get the theme of symbolism psychological fiction, tying in Poe’s various characterizations that stir up a great ordeal about himself. Poe, being a mysterious man himself, embodies the main character, allowing the reader to engage with the author as well as the ‘mad man’ in the story. Although the old man is the victim here, you also get the reader to feel remorse for the old man, almost like feeling remorse for Poe, and what had to have happen to him in order to build himself into the old man. The 18th century was known in the literature area to have gone through a philosophical movement, and Edgar Allan Poe was one of the most influential writers during his time. Still to this day his work is being observed, “The Tell- Tale Hearts” met his theme and the characterization rises to the mark, allowing the reader to bass in the full Poe

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