Compare And Contrast The Name And Describe Clay's Plan For The Jackson Presidency.

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The Jacksonians

1.Explain the scheme that unfolded in the “corrupt bargain.”
-The Election of the 1824 was very controversial. There were four Democratic Republican candidates running for the Presidency. Andrew Jackson had the most votes, but did not have the majority. Due to this the House had to decided the winner of the election. The election was influence by manipulation. John Q. Adams became President and Clay was the Secretary of State. Jackson was very outraged and called the election the corrupt bargin.

2. In what ways was Andrew Jackson a new type of president? What were his followers called? How did they behave?
-Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States. He was a new kind of president for a few reasons. Jackson
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2. Who were the original leaders of the Whig party? For what issues did they stand?
-The Whig party was organized by the Great Triumvirate, which consisted of Clay, Calhoun, and Webster. They stand for strong banks, high tariffs, and internal improvements. They did not agree on their stand on slavery, causing them to split.

3. Describe Clay’s plan for the Harrison presidency. Why did it not work out with John Tyler?
-Clay had the Congress pass the bill for a new bank. Clay had a plan for a modified version of the old bank system. John Tyler would veto bill. He would reject it the proposal. He vetoed twice and he end up passing an altered version.

Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War

1.What were the goals of the Polk presidency? Why was he considered the “last Jacksonian?”
-Polk had more than one goal. He had four main goals for his presidency. His first goal was to have a lower tariff. Secondly, he wanted to restore the independent treasury. His third goal was to acquire California and he wanted to obtain Oregon. The Oregon Treaty was then

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