Compare And Contrast The Canadian High School Education System

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How many times have you been compared to somebody else? Each person or thing has its own flaws and aptness; these differences make one person better than the other. Just like different people, different countries have dissimilar high school education systems. The Canadian high school education system is better than our American one because, it has a different setup, gets better funding, and prepares students for their chosen career field. Although there are similarities between these two systems, the differences are the reason Canada’s education system surpasses the Unites States.
The United States and Canadian system may have differences, but they also have similarities. One similarity according to, is that both countries
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high schools. In the U.S. schools get funding depending on the school 's location. If the school is located in a wealthy community, then the school receives more funding than other non-local schools. According to, “the state governments gather and distribute a significant amount of funding for schools through state sales and income taxes, lotteries, and property taxes. Local governments also often contribute through their respective taxation systems as well.” Due to the fact that most schools get different amount of funding, many schools don’t have extracurricular activities, clubs, or more than one sport teams. On the contrary, according to, Canadian schools get funding based on its size and school needs. This is a more efficient way of ensuring that there isn’t a huge gap between other non-local …show more content…
For instance, the United States formal education system was developed after the American Revolution. Only wealthy parents could afford to pay for their child’s education. The schools during this period were religion based, thus many parents didn’t want their children to go to school because it be teaching students another religion. According to, “Jefferson was the first American leader to suggest creating a public school system. His ideas formed the basis of education systems developed in the 19th century.” Jefferson also believed that the government should regulate the public education system free and accessible to anyone, no matter what rank he/she had in society. According to, Jefferson mainly wanted a school “free from religious biases” because numerous religions were followed in the U.S. The United States public education system influenced other countries to also change their education system. I believe in the near future, the United States will have a better high school education system to help prepare students for the real world. Accordingly, in Canada they had many religious church schools funded by the French governor. In 1763, the British defeated the French and Canada came under the British rule, thus the church school had no more funding. During the 19th century, many Canadians were unable to read and write.

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