Compare And Contrast The Articles Of Confederation And The Making Of The Constitution

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After the conclusion of the American Revolution and America had the chance to step back and see what direction they were going to go the framers had many choices to make. Creating a ridged form of government was too close to England and what they fought to get away from. The choice was for a document that was loose and allowed states to govern themselves. There were many well know leaders that came together for both the Articles of Confederation and the eventual drafting of the Constitution. During the framing of the United States Constitution it had causes that spark each plan and draft and various outcomes after it was published.

Following the American Revolution, the United States was in a position where they were free from England’s laws and rules. The need for a set of rules and regulations needed drafted but one that would not keep them in the strictness of the English rule they just got rid of. The Articles of Confederation gave the framers the first shot at loose manner of rule based on each state verses a single general and ridged document. Without a strong central government states governed themselves. In Massachusetts we see the detriment of this choice. They resisted using printable money and many farmers and the government fell into debt. This sparked Shay’s Rebellion and
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Those in attendance to the secret conference were George Mason, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. James Madison came to be known as the “Father of the Constitution” and the primary influence for the changes. Madison pushed to not amend the Articles of Confederation but to completely throw it out and start from scratch. His proposal was called the Virginia Plan. Alexander Hamilton also wanted to make changes after Madison’s proposal. Hamilton’s New Jersey Plan touched on some of the same points but in a different fashion than

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