Compare And Contrast Thailan Shutter And American Shutter

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When Hollywood stepped into the new millennium, it looked like Hollywood had a difficulty of making a new original movie. They has been keeping making sequels and remake old movies. To be more specific of this topic, Hollywood loves to remake Asian Horror films. They bought countless of Asian horror films, and turned them in to Hollywood style, such as the first Thai turned Hollywood, Shutter. Thai Shutter is one of the most successful Thai movie of all time. American Shutter, on another hand, didn’t leave a memorable foot print to this genre. However, these movies are following similar story and plot. The story is set around a couple after hitting an unknown girl. Later, they begin to see a shadowy figure on their photograph, but soon after, …show more content…
Both films have a different cinematic style. For the original, I have a feeling like the filmmaker didn’t do it well on lighting. Most of the time, scenes looked dark, low contrast, and underexposed, but even it is lack of lighting, it does enhance viewers sensation of frighten. In contrast of that, the new version had done a better job on lighting up scenes than the original. The film has more contrast. The film is in a balance between white and dark. Colorful objects has added to frame. In addition, the new version has created an effective mise en scene than the original has. The original is not the winner on light up the film, though it is done well on other …show more content…
Which conclude in they are equal in this criteria. However, on plot and story line is another story. The reboot is following exactly same plot. They doesn’t creatively include anything new. The turning point of both movies are when they couple crash the girl. Even though they are using same turning point, but in my opinion the suspense on the remake doesn’t hook my anticipation as the original does. In addition to this, the development after that, the original is more powerful, and every elements are making a good sense of understand story which conclude in a dramatic ending. Despite of that, the remake has lost during the way. It doesn’t build viewers anticipation to the film, thought it end up the quite a bit

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