Compare And Contrast Starry Night And Vincent Van Gogh

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Deciding which famous artist to write about is a lot like choosing which kid is your favorite, for this assignment, I have chosen Vincent Van Gogh. The paintings I will write about are his “Starry Night” which may be his most well-known and possibly his last painting “Wheatfield with Crows.” I have chosen these paintings because of the importance they represent and the story behind them. In this essay, I will breakdown the paintings, compare and contrast them and give a brief background of the paintings and the artist.
During the time, these paintings were drawn Van Gogh had admitted himself into in an insane asylum where he was given many opportunities other patients did not have, (VanGogh,ND.) he was able to come and go as he pleased as
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Below the clouds are the rolling hills which lead straight into a small town which is barely lit up. in front of the town is one big tree, which gives me the impression that the artist was looking down on a town as he approached it. Although I’m unaware of what Van Gogh was trying to convey in this image, I know for me it gave me a feeling of calmness and serenity. I looked at this piece frequently this past week trying to come up with a darker perspective on it because I knew where he was and that this was all done through his imagination but I couldn’t change my feeling towards it. I pictured myself staring at the stars which are lighting up the city in the middle of the night with a breeze going and I felt at peace. This may not have been the intention behind this piece but this was my interpretation of it. In this painting, Van Gogh uses a variety of blue, green, and yellow brushstrokes, these colors line up with the blue curve (Getlein, 2015) on the color wheel, which is from green through violet, these colors are also considered “cool” colors (Getlein, 2015) because of their association with the sky, water, and shade. Seeing how these colors relate to the sky and shade it is no wonder why he chose the select few. During his time in the asylum Van Gogh wrote his brother Theo “This morning I saw …show more content…
When I look at this painting I get a very gloomy, dark, and uninviting feeling. The darker colors along with the crows in the background does not provide a happy feeling. “Kathleen Erickson finds the painting as expressing both sorrow and a sense of his life coming to an end. The crows are used by Van Gogh as a symbol of death and rebirth, or of resurrection.” (revolvy, ND.). Kathleen’s observation of this painting is similar to my first impression, considering Van Gogh was battling depression, I had assumed that he had his good days along with bad days. When I see the painting, I did not feel like he was symbolizing the coming of his death, but Crows are often present where there is death so it would be fitting if this is the true meaning behind the Crows. In “Wheatfield with Crows” Van Gogh did not use the rolling clouds technique as he did in his other recent paintings such as the Cypresses collection and “Starry Night” instead he used a messier technique. I didn’t see a distinct pattern, brushstrokes were going in every direction and Van Gogh inserted light and dark colors in odd spots. This painting was done

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