Compare And Contrast Salem Witch Hunt Vs Holocaust

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Taylor Peebles
English 11
19 April 2016
Prompt 3
Salem Witch Hunts vs. the Holocaust
Have you ever been pushed away for being different? Well, if so, you are not the only ones. The Jews and witches that were accused were pushed away and even sentenced to death. In the time periods of 1692 and 1933-1945 were two big events. These events are known as the Salem witch trials and the Holocaust. They did not break any laws at the time, but we look at it now and know it was very wrong. Millions of people's lives have been changed, there have been millions of people who have been arrested or killed just because someone was unhappy or jealous of them.
The Salem witch hunts were a guessing game time period, you never knew what was going too happened or who was being involved. There were nineteen people hanged and one person pressed to death, all because of false accusations. A group of
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Adolf and Abigail dictated everyone just for their happiness and to cover up the mistakes they have made. Hitler took over Jewish ideas and made them his own. Many widowed people were accused in Salem because they did not have a husband to defend them. Suspicion was a big problem in Salem and the Holocaust. No one was safe unless they followed all orders Adolf and Abigail gave.
Many women in the Holocaust lives have changed, they ended up being leaders of ghettos, there to protect the Jews with hospital care, and even played an important role in activities during concentration camps. Millions of women were murdered mostly because of race and religion. Women could not survive without their husbands, but all of their husbands were gone in concentration camps or being accused of not following Hitler's orders. Pregnant women had a death sentence automatically. Women had many different consequences than men, sometimes even

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