Romanticism Response To Industrialization

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Romanticism was an extreme response to the speedy change of Industrialization. A time where people were moving away from the beautiful country side to the city to keep up with the growing economy. It was a change for the worst to a lot of people. The quick change made it hard for people to adapt. Due to the change of population distribution social changes happened, disease became rampant and people were put under pressure they’ve never experienced. This is bound to make people irritate people and it so happened that Romanticism was the response to the ever-changing world humans were in.

To find out why people really detested this change we need to fully learn about the two different sides in this. First thing we need to look at is Industrialization.
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One theme of Romanticism was Emotionalism. Industrialization was a very formal time. If someone publicly showed great emotion it was very informal. It was something that was simply not allowed. So, writers took to writing some of the most emotionally moving pieces in history. Second idea will be Gothicism. A lot of writers looked back to the Medieval period for a LOT of inspiration because they in a sense were in a dark period. There was the idea that being normal was extremely important. The dark gothic aesthetic represented how many people felt about disease that was rapidly spreading. The Industrialization was similar to Medieval times in the way that everyone had a HIGH chance of catching some deadly virus. The third way that romanticism was a response to industrialization was individualism. In a new and advanced society there was bound to be a social system in place. This system is very similar to ours to day. That if you are different you are an outcast. Or that being different was a bad thing not a good thing. So many writers wrote about outcasts that have been thrown out due to their freakish qualities. There are many different ways that Romanticism was a response to rapid Industrialization.
Many people did NOT like the adaptations and new challenges they faced. Disease was rampant due to so many people in a small area. The sophistication brought a social pressure to maintain composure and to be posh. The new social system also put pressure on people to be normal. Although Industrialization was mostly a good thing are the side effects really worth

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