Compare And Contrast Ralph And Jack Essay

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Maya Shokati
Professor Booth
07 November 2017
Who’s a better chief?
In groups, people lean more towards the strongest person to follow. The people who are stronger can have power over the weaker people into following them. The strongest people aren’t always the better choice. Although Jack is stronger, Ralph shows more understanding and leader-like skills. Ralph has a better understanding for the boys, and he also has more common sense. Ralph and Jack both show leadership qualities, but jack is unsuccessful to see that the boys are in need of stability and security.
Jack is physically stronger and more intimidating. He is more violent and rules by fear. No one questions Jacks commands, and the boys did what they were told by Jack.
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Ralph has more common sense and treats the boys better than Jack. Ralph understands that the boys need order to survive. He understands that the boys need stability. Ralph stated that he was chief and as long as he was voted chief, the boys would do as they were told to. “You voted me for chief. Now you do as I say” states page 81. This quote influences the fact that Ralph is aware that he has power and even if it meant disciplining the boys, he would make sure the boys complete their tasks. Unlike Jack, Ralph realizes that the boys need to feel secure and they need someone in control in order to stay civil and alive. “They talk and scream. The littluns. Even some of the others” Page 53. Ralph builds shelters with the boys to make them better people and to make them feel secure.
Ralph is focused on his goal ; to get rescued. He has to take tough decisions as a leader. On page 30 it states, “His mouth was tight and pale. He put his hair back very slowly… He forced his feet to move until they carried him out on the neck on the land.” Regardless of his feelings, he must take the lead. In order for him and the boys to get rescued they must keep a signal going. On page 135, Ralph says, “I’m Chief. Because you chose me. And we were going to keep the fire going…” Ralph has to stay focused on his

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