“ Compare and Contrast One Body of Work from Each of the Four Artist- John Glover, Russel Drysdale, Lauren Berkowitz & Barbara Reid. in Your Discussion Address the Significance of Intentions to Their Practice.”

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Throughout history the unique and changeable Australian landscape has inspired a diverse array of artistic responses. Impressios of its power and beauty, expressions of individuals' responses, symbolic religious orientation, the range of landscape art works extends onwards. A great example of the vast variations of styles can be seen in the artworks of Glover, Drysdale, Berkowitz and Reid.

John Glover

Constitution Hill at sunset
Van Dieman's Land, from near Mrs Ranson's Public House, June 29th 1840. Oil on canvas, 76.8 × 114.9 cm. H31203. La Trobe Picture Collection. John Glover, artist.
Birth: 18 February 1767, Houghton-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire, England
Death: 9 December 1849, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Australia.
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This romantic, pictorial and aesthetically pleasing style of painting has striking differences to the artistic techniques used by Russell Drysdale, Lauren Berkowitz and Barbara Reid Napangarti.
Russell Drysdale

Red landscape
(1945) Vaucluse, Sydney, oil on composition board, 51.9 x 67.0 cm, inscribed in black paint: Russell Drysdale Mr and Mrs Rupert Murdoch
Birth: 1912, Bognor Regis, England
Dearth: 1981, Sydney, Australia

Russel Drysdale moved from England to Australia when he was only eleven years old. Throughout his lifetime he travelled extensively however his artistic focus remained on outback rural Australia. Because he spent the majority of his life in Australia his paintings show minimal European influence. This in itself creates a great contrast between Glover and Drysdale. Another significant difference is that Glovers paintings are impressionistic while Drysdale's artworks are expressionistic. This expressionist style broke away from the tradition Australian landscape art practices present in his era. Unlike Glover, Drysdale preferred to work form from sketches, photographs and his memory when composing. When Drysdale worked on his paintings he worked hard, however it would quite often be a long and agonising experience. He was the first artist to investigate the desert and rural outback-Australian life for a prolonged period of time. This intensive exploration gave rise to the central themes of many of his

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