Superman Vs. Superheroes

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When people think of superheroes, the one that often comes to their minds is Superman. Superman, by day, works at the Daily Planet disguised as Clark Kent. When trouble strikes, Clark Kent quickly undresses into Superman and flies over to the scene of the crime. Superman’s method of achieving justice is to fight crime and have the police handle the criminals. Although many continue to despise him, the rest are proud to call him a superhero for his acts of justice. For the most part, all superheroes commit rightful acts in order to save the greater good. However, caped crusaders such as Batman and the Watchmen are now labeled as vigilantes rather than superheroes.
The Batman, in 1939, was a vigilante who often broke laws to catch the bad guys,
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They are often frightened and immediately panic on site. In such cases, their flight or fight response kicks in. The question that is answered in such a scenario is whether or not people are prepared to do whatever it takes to make the world a better place rather than leave it up to super individuals who would take matters into their own hands. Skoble is a firm believer that we choose to take flight and leave the fighting to the big guys. Skoble argues, “If normal human beings had been doing what they should be doing, in normal human ways, a person like Ozymandias most likely would never have gotten into a position” (39). His answer to such a question makes the superhero seem immoral due to the fact that, as he claims, if humans did do the right thing, Ozymandias would have never gotten the opportunity to kill millions. The reasoning for Ozymandias’s plan was to have the Earth’s nations come together in peace. From the very beginning, he predicted that the world was moving towards nuclear holocaust. Believing he was a superhero with great power, he took it upon himself to devise to a plan that would bring warring nations to work together to try to stop a common enemy. To have started such a plan, Ozymandias also took it upon himself to kill three million lives. All that was going through his mind was that they died for the greater good. Immediately, many can see that what he had done was way out of hand

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