Modern Day Hero Essay

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Sir Gawain Vs Modern Day Heros Sir Gawain is his story”Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” is portrayed as a great warrior, a hero of his time. Who followed a set of characteristics that helped make him who he is. This is called: The Code of Chivalry. A custom that many heroes in stories and movies have is to go by rules/codes that help them upkeep their image. Not only for themselves but to inspire others and let people know that they are willing to help no matter what. Super heros nowadays do the same but in different ways. The Code of Chivalry consist of these values: piety, humility, integrity, and honesty. Piety is defined as being religious(christian in this setting). Humility is defined as being humble. Integrity is defined as being loyal. Lastly honesty is defined as being honest. All of these terms give Sir Gawain what he needs to live properly in terms of his fellow knights and their society at the time. …show more content…
In order to be a hero you have to follow the virtues, or else what type of night can you represent as. Some of us can say examples of modern day heroes such as Firefighters, police officers, former military men as well as veterans, and even activists. They all have piety, humility integrity, and most important of all, honesty. But these are all real life people, and heroes. Though there is one hero which i believe can represent as Sir Gawain the most, and it's a Comic book DC character: Batman/ Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne lives in the city of Gotham a place filled with villains and opportunities to fight crime. Not only to uphold his image as a good guy but to fulfill his duty as one as well. After his parents died in a tragic ending, Batman was born. He made a commitment to protecting the city he lives in. Trying his best to stop evil without lowering his standard and becoming a depiction of his enemies. Enabling the worse to come out of him, creating a bad unheroic

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