Comparative Summary Essay

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There are many different health care organizations that offer different medical services. Most of the health care organizations are profit, government, or nonprofit organizations. Most health care organization consist of hospitals, home and nursing care, and health care agencies. As for the health care insurance and hospitals they too can be profit, nonprofit, and most organization and figure out and focus on making a profit or not. For profit, nonprofit, and government each have different financial environments. The financial environment are based upon the organization and its structures. The financial structures of the organizations affect accounting practices and other practices that go along with the financial environment. The purpose …show more content…
Nonprofit will charge less money for medical procedures and care than for profit organizations. Patients will receive low cost care but will still get the best care. By law organizations cannot turn individuals away but for profit they can resale a patient at any time if they feel that the patient cannot pay for their treatment. For profit cannot chose to treat individuals who have non-life threating situations because if they are not going to be able to pay. On the other hand government pays a big part in health care organizations, they have the power to play which role they feel is necessary. Government decide how health care organizations will be paid and it’s usually for ways to take care of the cost. Most of the time in public organization doctors and nurses are reimbursed through the government. The government gets money through taxes, health insurance or private health care.

Financial management in health care is always a little more difficult because it’s different. Some of the issues that make it harder is how funds are handled. In hospital and other health care profession the flow of funds may not come on time because it is paid through customers, government and insurance. Another things is higher the skilled and qualified physicians that they need in order to give the best care. Organization need to hire and train the right individuals.

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