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Ender’s Game Comparative Essay
Every individual has personal struggles and inner demons they must overcome. Along with these concealed internal problems there are external hurdles that everyone experiences and has the pressure to overcome these with success. Orson Scott Card’s Ender Game is a story about a young boy by the name of Ender Wiggins which highlights this very concept of how an individual’s internal struggles and outer pressure come to shape a person’s character and mission in life. The premise of Ender’s Game is a story about how Ender struggles on how to maintain his mellow personality along with being a front fighter in the movement to defeat the buggers. It shows how Ender struggles with finding himself along with having the
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This reason is why the book does a better job of telling the story, it is much more detailed and includes elements of the story which the movie fails to do. For example the book does a better job of including Ender's internal monologue. This is so important because it helps readers actually understand what Ender's thinking and it allows them to empathize with him because of everything he's going through. The book also includes what happens to Ender after he defeats the buggers. It goes into more detail telling the reader where Ender ends up and what he does with Valentine after the buggers are gone. The book provides more details which results in the story being projected as more powerful making the reader desire to continue reading. The book of Ender’s game is in more depth and because of that it makes it easier for a reader to understand exactly what is happening and allows them to actually sympathize with Ender. For a story to be successful it must have detail, and emotion. The book accomplishes these requirements whereas the movie falls short. The book’s use of detail and emotion result in a more powerful story being

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