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The purpose of this this memo is to state the competitor analysis. As a competitor, IMG dominates this service area and others. They have an abundance of strength in the leadership of the healthcare industry, as well as in the finance area. They have numerous projects going on to improve their service throughout the community. IMG is a large profitable integrated medical group with more locations and employees. But as a dominate competitor, IMG also have short-term weakness. As a competitor their strengths outcomes their weaknesses enormously.
IMG have an abundance of strengths, they are a large integrated medical group with 12 locations and 200 physicians and 1100 employees. IMG new facilities including a 120,000 square foot center in the
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Schwartz. IMG was able to dominate the healthcare industry in this area when Dr. Martin Schwartz attended Harvard Business School and completed an MBA. Dr. Schwartz was a broad certificated oncologist who trained at Memorial Sloan Kettering. IMG was a small Oncology group runned by Dr. Schwartz. When Dr. Schwartz returned to IMG after business school, he brought along his new strategy/business plans in both finance and strategy to create the largest medical group within the county. They are also good at recruiting the right people to work for them. IMG was able to recruit Board Certified and Board Eligible physicians for many areas of the county and around the world. Board Eligible physician had been to be Board Certified within five years of joining the practice. But 40% of IMG physicians were Board Certified before joining the practice. IMG have good bargaining power that gives them favorable rates with MCOs and insurers, and influence with the local hospitals. Dr. Schwartz does not hesitate to use this bargaining power. Dr. Schwartz stopped admissions to one of the Wickers Hospital in the neighboring county due to poor clinical outcomes. Even though IMG closed one of their facilities, they continue to open new ones.
IMG launches two new major projects in the south eastern part of the county near the closing Darien Hill Hospital Division of CRMC. Phase of IMG project includes offices for primary and specialty
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They are unsure as to when one of their projects will be completed. They borrowed loans they have to pay back but their Debt Service Cover Ratio is below standard. Two out seven of their ratios is below standard due to the two major construction going on. IMG have some weaknesses as well as an excellent reputation in the healthcare industry.
IMG dominates the health care delivery in the Middletown County. Their leadership can be seen throughout the county. They strive to be the best despite their weaknesses in managing a large health care group while continuing to develop more healthcare services across the county. IMG is very profitable with almost $300 million dollars in revenues, but it’s also suffering from some financial setbacks due to projects. IMG have a good reputation within the county and will continue to do well once they determining how they will pay the loans for these

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