Essay on Company 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Company’s Strengths and Weaknesses
Advance America was founded in 1997, since then the company has grown to be the largest provider for payday and title loan services in the United States. As of December 2013, Advance America operated over 2500 lending centers in 29 states and 18 centers in Canada. As of December 2013, Advance America has 6,000 employees and continues to grow as they expand across the United States and in Canada.
The company’s strengths are within their ability to remain the largest non-banking cash provider in the United States. Along with their ability to maintain a positive outlook on the future of the company and where they see themselves within the finance industry. Advance America takes pride in their marketing strategy while the company maintains a positive competitive attitude towards their competitors. Another strength the company possess, is the benefits they offer their employees. Advance America has great operating hours which allows their employees to have flexibility. The company’s operating hours are Monday through Thursday 10am till 6pm, Friday’s 9am till 7pm, and Saturday’s 9am till 2pm with every Sunday off. Each employee can take an hour lunch Monday through Thursday and a 45-minute lunch on Fridays. Advance America awards each employee a 1 week vacation and 4 floating holidays after 180 days of employment. The company also pays their employees if they are full time and have completed their 180 days all major holidays off. In addition,…

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