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DRF 27: Entrepreneurship and Management of Small Business

Name: Aswin J . R
Enrolment No: A12N28165008

I. Critically examine the uses of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (edps) in India.

Entrepreneurship plays a very important role in the economic development. Entrepreneurs act as catalytic agents in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Joseph Schumpeter states that the rate of economic progress of a nation depends upon its rate of innovation which in turn depends upon the distribution of entrepreneurial talent in the population. Technological progress alone cannot lead to economic development unless technological breakthroughs are put to economic use by entrepreneurs.
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2. Capital Formation: It is not possible to set up an enterprise without adequate funds. Entrepreneur as an organizer of factors of production employs his own as well as borrowed resources for the setting up of his enterprise. Entrepreneur mobilizes idle savings of the public and put them to productive use. In this way he helps in capital formation which is so essential for the industrial and economic development of a country. Various development banks like ICICI, IFCI, IDBI; SFCs, SIDCs take initiative in promoting entrepreneurship through assistance to various agencies involved in EDP and by providing financial assistance to new entrepreneurs.
3. Balanced Regional Development: Small scale units can be set up in industrially backward and remote areas with limited financial resources. Successful EDP's assist in accelerating the pace of industrialization in the backward areas and reduce the concentration of economic power in the hands of a few, Entrepreneurs feel like taking advantage of the various concessions and subsidies offered by the state and central government. Success story of entrepreneurs set right example for others to follow and this accelerates the pace of industrialization in the backward areas. Setting up of more units leads to more development of backward areas and balanced regional development.

4. Use of Local Resources: In the absence of any initiative local resources are likely to remain

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