Community Outreach Is A Vital Component Of Our Society Essay

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Community Outreach Through Open Door Ministry Undoubtedly, the concept of community outreach is a vital component of our society, illustrating the very nature of human beings as social creatures. We care about others ' well being, and concern ourselves with what we can do to improve our world, whether through our future careers, or by what we might contribute along the way. Connection Church, in Canton, Michigan, through its "Open Door Food Ministry" and other programs, provides an avenue whereby individuals work toward becoming leaders, providing positive input into the lives of those in their own nearby communities who are less fortunate. Founded by John Drouillard, in January 2000, Open Door Ministry (ODM) is an organization that assists needy families in and around the Canton community. Their mission "is not to just provide food to needy families, but to help them be able to provide food for themselves" (ODM 1). This is accomplished through multiple means, the first of which is the food pantry, located at 4301 S Lilley Rd, in Canton, Michigan. The food pantry relies on donations from dozens of business and schools in the area and beyond, allowing for the purchase of enough nutritious and balanced meals for entire families. According to ODM, "We purchase food at about ten cents on the dollar, which means a $100 donation allows us to purchase $1000 worth of food" (2). The fact that this organization has the ability to grow its donations exponentially…

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