False Claims Against Police Brutality

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Police Brutality and the False Claims Behind the Phrase It isn’t hard to see why the population of America views the police as an evil force out to get minorities. The media portrays many events in such ways as to upset viewers so that they “fight the good fight,” and tune in to watch how it goes. In doing so they change facts or twist the evidence to ensure their ratings are high. One issue the media maliciously attacks is “police brutality.” The police are now seen as a driving force of hate and prejudice when the vast majority have never brutally beaten anyone or killed someone unnecessarily. Despite this the media portrays the police as a whole to be monsters out to deprive minorities of their pursuit of happiness. Currently, the topic …show more content…
Groups such as Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers, and other such groups may support the preservation of minority safety but definitely do not speak against violent protests like Dr. King did. For example, in the Ferguson riots the town was burned and looted in outrage on the fact no charges were brought onto Officer Wilson. In large the riots were probably due to bad reporting. The media portrayed a Mr. Michael Brown as an innocent, young, unarmed, African American male shot by a white police officer. In reality Brown had just violently robbed a convenience store and despite being unarmed charged the officer grasping for his gun, in retrospect I would be scared if a six foot four inch two hundred ninety-two-pound man charged at me too.(BBC News) Media coverage such as this puts police officers in danger when they cause massive violent protests. Due to the officer’s own thoughts of self-preservation they are innately more cautious and may ultimately use force because they believe their own lives may also be in danger. Although media did not directly cause such violent protests it also did not try to prevent them by telling the entire story, such as portraying Brown as innocent when there was ample proof to support the opposite. The media also deliberately misinforms the public to raise ratings. For example, when a cop gives his time, effort, and money to help low income families it will not be covered however the Trayvon Martin case was blown all across America. Also, the Trayvon case is an example of facts lost in the media. The media portrayed George Zimmerman as a white police officer, however, he was a Latino community watchman. The media instead of reporting facts reported half-truths and insinuated what they felt would make ratings skyrocket, and they did. This caused riots and bigotry across the United States to the

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