Police Brrutality Essay

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Police Brutality and the False Claims Behind the Phrase It isn’t hard to see why the population of America views the police as an evil force out to get minorities. The media portrays many events in such ways as to upset viewers so that they “fight the good fight,” and tune in to watch how it goes. In doing so they change facts or twist the evidence to ensure their ratings are high. One issue the media maliciously attacks is “police brutality.” The police are now seen as a driving force of hate and prejudice when the vast majority have never brutally beaten anyone or killed someone unnecessarily. Despite this the media portrays the police as a whole to be monsters out to deprive minorities of their pursuit of happiness. Currently, the topic of police brutality and racism in the United States has …show more content…
This is only true if the statistic accounts for the population difference but is still insanely different at a whopping 5 times more likely for an unarmed black man to be killed by a police officer than an unarmed white man when the population is accounted for. (Lowery) Although many people are killed by police minorities are the more often killed despite the population difference. Another view point is that many police officers abuse the power they are given. This is shown in a small percentage of officers through many means such as YouTube videos and a few court cases.
Despite these arguments there are reasons to dictate why they occur. Statistically more than 50 percent of all violent crimes are committed by African American males for one reason or another. (Bekiempis) In doing so there will obviously be more confrontations with the police and more shootings. Another point is that although there are corrupt officers there are measures to find and convict them with sources such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation monitoring local police

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