Community, District, And School Essay

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Relevant Factors Community, district, and school. This school is located in an urban community in the southeastern United States. 68 percent of the students that go to this high school receive free or reduced lunch. With majority of the students receiving free and reduce lunch would suggest that the community is made up of low-income families and the unemployment rate is high. Many students come from single parent families and sometimes themselves have to take on the burden of helping with raising younger siblings and working themselves to provide for the household. This community is very diverse, and due to the financial hardship within the community there is racial and ethnic tensions. Community involvement and support for the school is low and non-existent. The school district themselves are also effected by the lack of wealth in the community. Due to high unemployment and lack of home ownership, tax revenue that the district would receive is low. Do to the lack of tax revenue the school cannot maintain the school properly or hire a sufficient amount of teachers and other school staff. The school it self is bulging at the seams. The school is undersized and over populated. Due to the lack of funds the school uses outdated textbooks and cannot purchase enough supplies for every student. There is not enough technology to go around and the current technology cannot be repaired, replaced, or updated. However currently a group of teachers are working on a grant to help…

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