Business Communication Anonyms: Business Analysis

Communication is the essential part of all business organizations. “It is the medium through which companies large and small access the vital resources they need in order to operate” (van Riel, Fombrun, 2007, p.1). Within a business organization, communication carries between “individuals, within organizations, across organizational boundaries, and across international boundaries” (Baack, 2012, p. 20). With the complexity of the communication and huge amount of information exchanged daily base, conflicts and business turbulence could cause by miscommunication.
Derived from this isuue is whether an ethical management communication norm should be introduced? Looking thorough the recent changes on business trends and employee demographics of
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Two of the anonyms for “effective” are “practical” and “useful”. In business setting, a practical and useful communication norm would be the kind of communication that can promote success in any business missions. Corporate communication defined as the kind of communication that “a specialist can focus, first and foremost, on the problems of the organization as a whole…and the purpose of such communication is to fulfill organizational objectives” (van Riel & Fombrum, 2007). Van Riel and Fombrum also states, three types “task-related communication activity within organization are management communication, marketing communication, and organizational communication” (p.14). Corporate communication encompasses marketing communication, organizational communication and management communication, it is a” strategic way of thinking and of decision-making process involving different parties… all working together to achieve the organizational core values” (Siano, Vollero, Confetto & Siglioccolo, 2013). Research conducted by Troy (1993) suggests almost eighty percent of the U.S largest firms have corporate communication functions carried out through the organization, on marketing, public relationship, employee communication and speech writing, …show more content…
Interaction model depicts mutual transmission, the reception of messages, and feedback. It is a liner process, and it is focus on interactive nature of communication. Transactional model, different from interactional model, sees the interpersonal communication is a more complex activity, and the message flows in both direction (Baack, 2012, chapter 2.1). However, in business interpersonal communication, a simplified interpersonal communication model demonstrated the role of manager and employee played. Most of the time, manager is the sender and the employee is the receiver. For instance, manager is a liaison when assigning tasks to departments, employee just simply start working on the project upon receiving the

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