Communication Is The Essential Part Of All Business Organizations

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Communication is the essential part of all business organizations. “It is the medium through which companies large and small access the vital resources they need in order to operate” (van Riel, Fombrun, 2007, p.1). Within a business organization, communication carries between “individuals, within organizations, across organizational boundaries, and across international boundaries” (Baack, 2012, p. 20). With the complexity of the communication and huge amount of information exchanged daily base, conflicts and business turbulence could cause by miscommunication.
Derived from this isuue is whether an ethical management communication norm should be introduced? Looking thorough the recent changes on business trends and employee demographics of the five hundred fortune companies, more and more white females and minorities are entering management level, while white male CEOs still dominant among elites and corporate boards (Zweigenhaft, 2013). Should we introduce international, interpersonal and intercultural aspects into ethical organizational communication? With the new social medias and technologies emerged as a new platform for marketing communication, shouldn’t ethic code should be introduced in order to prevent the lost of brand reputation due to misuse of social medias? Research suggests a corporate communication method would best fit today’s competitive business operation.
What kind of communication norm is most effective in business setting? Two of the anonyms for…

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