Communication Is A Skill That I Learned At An Early Age Essay

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Communication is a skill that I learned at an early age. When growing up, learning proper communication skills is a key to becoming a successful citizen. I have taken the time to go over my self-assessment tests and have had the opportunity for others to express their opinions about my skills. The self-evaluation test has brought to my attention that I have a “Driver” kind of communication style, a “high self monitor” score of 14, and a “compromising” type of management style. My goal is to slow down my speed of talking. Successfully learning how to complete this task will allow my audience to understand my messages clearly, and it will make me a more efficient co-worker, friend, and student.

Force “Driven”

Focusing on the job at hand is how I conduct all daily activities. Wired to keep a daily planner for school and life, I feel as if the “Driver” style is my middle name. My score was not at all close to being any other type of communication style. However, I seem to express characteristics from other styles when working in large groups or on daily tasks.

The best fitting type of communication style for me is “Driver.” This was selected 100% by fellow family members, co-workers, and peers. I explain in my first free response question the four main styles of communication and the definition of each. This allows my participants to conclude the best fit for me. My mother’s thought on my “Driver” style was, “You are very task oriented. There is always a…

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