Communication Is A Means Of Conveying Information From One Party

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What Is Communication
Communication is that which we are constantly doing as a means of conveying information from one party to the other. Communication therefore is a process through which a message that is rich with information is passed from one person to the other through a specific medium (Fiske, 2002). It is a process that has proven to be important in not only our personal lives but in the business world as well. Communication is that which we rely on in order to ensure our minds grow based on information as well as there is overall growth in every aspect of life because of sharing thoughts that can be implemented effective. This paper seeks to discuss communication in relation to how it occurs various forms of communication as well as some of the barriers to effective communication. These factors will be analyzed in light to the fact that communication can be delivered in several ways but effective communication is often rare to achieve especially if specific elements are not put into consideration.
Communication is generally a process that will utilize three key steps in order for it to be successfully. Gamble & Gamble (2013) describes these steps as thought, encoding and decoding. The thought process is basically the formulation of an idea in the mid of the sender. The sender here being the person who will initiated the process of communication. At this stage of communication, the process is still maturing as the idea is yet to leave the mind of the sender. After…

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