Communication Is A Key For Successful Work Environment Essay

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Introduction In the absence of workplace communication, one cannot give instructions, cannot order the equipment or supply, cannot measure the progress, products or services cannot be delivered, etc. In short nothing can be accomplished. Management is a combination of five functions, planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. All these five functions are dependent on communication (Conrad, 2014). Thus, communication is a key for successful work environment. As the diversity increases the need for effective communication increases. Leaders are responsible to maintain the flow of the communication. The flow might be upward, downward and across the organization. Leader must be careful and aware about what information is being shared with the stakeholders along with the accuracy and authenticity of the information. From this information, one can understand that the communication is a core of the organization and without it tasks can not be finished. However, organization might lack the ability to learn, use, and exploit good communication practices (Conrad, 2014).
Causes of Poor Communication from the Leaders Though the effective communication skills should be the basic leadership requirement for the leaders, In reality, leaders often delegate this important responsibility to others. Leadership is not all about getting things done, but its about maximizing the individual potential with careful and meaningful employee engagement. This requires the leader,…

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