Essay on Communication in Virtual Team

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Katie M Drinkall
(u06a1) Unit 6 Assignment 1
Communication in Virtual Team
Capella University
September 26, 2013

Communication Communication is the activity of conveying information though the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information by speech, visuals, signals, writings or behaviors (Grosse, 2002). These processes are done over time, culture, and geographic boundaries, while this has become a common practice for organizations and has give rise to the concept of globally dispersed teams known as virtual teams (LaLonde, 2011).
Communication is one of the most necessary components of leadership, without communication there would be no teams, nobody would know what their role on the team would be, there would be no procedures
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This aspect brings more trust into the group dynamics.
With the rapid development of new communication technologies such as the Internet, this has accelerated the adoption of virtual teams so that, in most organizations, virtual teams are employed to some degree (LaLonde, 2011). Information technology provides the infrastructure necessary to support the development and expansion of new organizational infrastructure. Virtual teams are enabled by advancements in information and communication technology. With these communication networks, organizations can employ virtual teams and expect that technology will help team members collaborate more effectively. As there are more advanced in technology, establishing a well-designed organizational arrangement and well-prepared virtual team members will suffice to approximate some aspects of the face-to-face.
Technological Improvements Team members with diverse competences gather more diverse abilities, skills, and knowledge (Resource 4), that can contribute to the overall performance of an organization. Communication problems within a virtual team can be magnified by distance, time, cultural diversity, and the technology leveraged by these teams. Communication among the virtual teams in complex and fundamental process that implies a detailed analysis of the team members and organizational aspects according

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