Communication Between Males And Females Essay

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Communication Between Males and Females
Let’s face it, communication holds a great significant and value in life. Communication is everything. Men and women tend to communicate differently, which causes issues between the male and female bond. Deborah Tannen wrote an article called “Sex, Lies, and Conversation: Why Is It So Hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other.” She talks about the difference in the chatty conversation women want and how verbal communication is not necessary for men. The bonding process is dissimilar for male and female. Tannen makes three valid points during the article: The difference in stance and standpoint during conversations, men do not need words to form a bond, and how a child is raised effects the social habits of male and female.
First, all people want to be heard when they have something to say. It is frustrating for a person to know, or think, they are not being listen to as they speak. Women like face to face eye contact, their bodies facing each other as if they are opening themselves up to the other’s words. Eye connection is a sign of being an active listener. The listener of same sex conversations between women often through in the occasional “ok” and “mhm” to let the talking person know they have their attention. Females tend to sit straight up, or level their bodies during an all-girl discussion. Men on the other hand, tend to not need the eye to eye. During the research by Tannen, she wrote, “At every age, boys and men sat at…

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