Communication And Relationships And How You Can Improve These Aspects Of Your Life

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Author Joseph DeVito writes about communication and relationships and how you can improve these aspects of your life. I decided to write about family communication because family has always been a big part of my life. I value any information that can assist in maintaining a healthy relationship and communication with my family. I was surprised when I found out there were names for the things that I do. Throughout the book I was able to truly understand and relate to the concepts. I was able to apply these concepts to my life. An examination of my relationship with my family communication will demonstrate concepts of maxim of generosity, balanced split pattern, conformity orientation, and nonjudgmental listening
To start with, maxim of generosity is a concept that describes my family and I. On chapter eight, maxim of generosity is defined as helping others to confirm the importance of the person 's time, insight, or talent (DeVito, 198). The example the books gives is "I 'll walk the dog; I see you 're busy" (198). My family and I always try to help each other out. My dad offers to go to the grocery store whenever he sees my mom is missing any items to cook. By my dad going to the store, he is saving my mom time. I tell my mom I will clean the house when I see that she is in a rush to go somewhere. I believe that having the support of your family is very important. The people you can depend on should always be your family.
Furthermore, a concept that fits perfectly with my…

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