Communication and Behavioral Models for Predatory Leadership Essay

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Communication and Behavioral Models for Predatory Leadership
Matt Kramer
Walden University
Communication for Social Change
Dr. Dorcas Francisco
April 21, 2013

The persistence of poverty can often lead to upheaval – Pradip Thomas

The persistence of the poor to overcome systemic forces that sustain poverty will lead to upheaval – Matt Kramer (with gratitude to Pradip Thomas)

Predatory Leadership (PL) is the working title for a phenomenon describing a set of anti-social behaviors and how the actors displaying these behaviors have been able, over the course of thousands of years, to disproportionately manipulate and distort the evolution of civilization into a paradigm in which the worst aberrations of human behavior, including
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Educated insights into the emotional nature and mental functioning of the types of people who become predatory leaders have the potential to serve as a microscope of sorts, revealing the formerly invisible relationship between psychopathic behavior and humanity’s greatest problems. A premise of the hypothesis describing PL considers that when the general public recognizes the early signs of potential toxic leaders as easily as they recognize early signs of a cold or flu, people will be able to be more effectively proactive at mitigating the possibilities for psychopathic personalities to do substantive harm in all arenas from domestic to international (Kramer, 2012). To date, as a neophyte leader in the arena of social activism, I have had minor success at getting the message of PL into public dialogue. In speaking publically to small audiences I have received mostly positive and enthusiastic responses; academics in leadership have reviewed the hypothesis and pronounced it worthy of more research, and, until it was taken down by YouTube for unexplained reasons, a nine minute video of me describing PL received over thirteen thousand views. Like musicians who work on their albums for years and never deem them ready for release, I continue to research and fine tune the message, unsure whether it is yet sufficiently developed in a way that will not only be easily accessible and comprehensible by the

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