Common Problems For The English Colonies Essay

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In the early 1700s all of the English colonies were struggling with problems. Common problems for the English colonies were fighting with the native Indians, growing crops, struggling with illnesses, dividing social classes, and much more. Although each individual colony had at least one problem to fight against many of the colonies had multiple problems.
The criteria for a well established colony could be the colonies life expectancy, education opportunities, job opportunities, overall economy, weather climate, religious structure, topography, conflicts, and political system. Depending on the type of person certain aspects of the criteria for a well established colony may be more important than other aspects. Speaking for myself, I place high value on the colonies overall economy, job opportunities, life expectancy, religious structure, weather and climate. Overall I believe all of the criteria aspects but some of the aspects are more important to me as an individual. Taking in to consideration the aspects of each English colony in the 1700s if I had to choose the one I would most want to voyage to from England I would choose to go to Pennsylvania and colonize with the Quakers.
The Quakers arrived in Pennsylvania in the late 1600s and established a city which they named Philadelphia. The Quakers religion rejected predestination and original sin unlike the Puritans religion. Instead the Quakers believed that all people had divinity and were not born with it but learned to…

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