Common Mistakes Companies Make With Global Marketing Essay example

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Global Marketing
It is evident the the world is extremely diverse, filled with people of different ethnicities, cultures, and partialities. These differences are extremely important to account for when marketing globally, especially when accounting for the place element of the marketing mix. This article emphasizes that although it is important to preserve brand consistency, sometimes a company must modify its marketing tactics when selling globally as opposed to domestically. This paper discusses common mistakes companies make while marketing internationally with the purpose of correcting these mistakes for success in the global market.
Common Mistakes Made with Global Marketing In her article, Kelly outlines six common mistakes companies make with global marketing. The first is that companies often lack to specify which country they are marketing to (Kelly, 2015). Instead of thinking of potential markets in broad, vague continental regions, companies should aim to market directly to a specific country to gain the most effective consumer response to the product. Another error companies tend to make when marketing globally is paying a lack of attention to internal data (Kelly, 2015). This includes opportunity avalibilty, ease of business, and success previously attained within the market. Companies should be striving to use the external data they have already obtained and apply it to internal data. Furthermore, companies fail to adjust their sales and marketing channels…

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