Essay on Common Core Standards Are Not For Our Education System

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In 2009, a group known as Governors’ Association, convened to work on developing the Common Core. As of July 2010, 42 states including North Carolina, adopted the Common Core, and since then there has been quite if has been beneficial or not for our education system. The Common Core State Standards were written in order to put forward consistent learning goals regardless of where the student lives. To put in simple terms have each student on the same level as the next student. However, for some states, the Common Core Standards are much more rigorous than the previous expectations. The Common Core Standards are vague and broad. According to Stan Karp, the editor of, “The problem is that, in some states, Common Core testing has been implemented before teachers, or the public for that matter, have been instructed in how to teach students using the new standards” (Karp). The problem with the Common Core is that it has been around for about five years now, and within the five years it has proved to become more of a problem then an expected improvement for our educational system. In short, introducing a curriculum, provide the technology that is needed, and above all the same textbooks this would solve the problem, however, the Core became implemented before all this was taken into consideration.
To date, 48 states are participating in the Common Core standards. In an article What the Child Left Behind Law Means For Your Child, it was stated,…

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