Common Core Problems In Schools

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With the progression of time, more and more students, along with their parents, are expressing their dissatisfaction with the American public school system. Turning towards institutions such as private schools, homeschooling and online programs, and charter schools, this leaves us wondering, what truly is the problem? The answer is simple. The problem with public schools is their inability towards seeing the true needs of students and accurately meeting them.

Schools typically fail in realizing the true educational needs for their children. Recently, most schools in America have chosen to adopt the Common Core standards in their institutions. Common Core, true to its name, is one common curriculum of learning, not personalized at all to each
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While in some cases this is completely true, most of the time it is not. If a student is already doing poorly in his classes, and a teacher sets an even higher standard that what was once had, that student will continue to fail more than they did before. A student who can barely clear a three-foot bar would have no chance if it is raised to six. Speaking of, in most cases, teachers offer negative commentary when a student is doing poorly, not a continuous encouragement like they should. I’ve even heard teachers who have had the utmost ignorance to say to a child, “Go ahead, drop out. I don’t care.” This is exactly the opposite of what a student threatening and at a high risk of dropping out needs to be told. Is this not going completely against the whole purpose of being a teacher? Students do feel discouraged when they are constantly put down by their teachers, or when they are simply not interested in the classes they are forced to take. To put it another way, most of the time students feel unmotivated and are performing poorly, it is not only the students fault, but also the failure of the institution to properly communicate with a

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