Common Core And Common Good : Educational Standards And The Future Of Libraries

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Common core is an initiative that was created with the purpose of having a nationwide standard for educational institutions. The implementation of this initiative has caused some debate amongst educators and parents alike, focusing on the negative impacts that could arise. Not only could this eliminate the creativity within the classroom, it could also hinder the ability for some to receive the full education necessary to prepare them to succeed at university level learning. This initiative would transform schools into machines focused on creating children who are only taught skills necessary to pass a certain test.
Dickinson, G., Kimmel, S., & Doll, C. (2015). Common core and common good: Educational standards and the future of libraries. The Library Quarterly, 85(3), 225-243. When common core was being created, I do not believe that they thought of everyone who it would affect. The common core initiative states that libraries would play a larger role in schools and that they would become more available to the students. Although this sounds like a steady plan, the implementation of it could cause a few people to lose their jobs. By including libraries within schools and eliminating the duplicity of the already integrated library systems, would the common librarian become obsolete? Having the library be focused on working within the schools’ schedules would make it so “some people [would] have access only during the hours when the school or library building is staffed and…

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