Commercial Burglary That Occurred Between 1500 Essay

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Commercial Burglary that occurred between 1500 hrs on 12/15/2016 and 1200 hrs on 12/19/16 at Lake Bon Bon (6190 62nd Ave N, Ofc, Pinellas Park FL, 33781). The victim’s, cleaning supplies, 20 keys from inside the security box, 2 boxes containing plumbing pipes, Ryobi Pressure Washer, $200 dollars worth of hamburgers, 1 check written to the business of Bon Bon’s mobile home Park, and 2 pool sticks. Force entry into multiple rooms, suspects broke into the pantry room door, splitting the door frame and severely damaging the locking mechanism.
No current Leads.
Case Status open refer to CIS for review
Evidence: 29 pictures submitted to PCSO Property and Evidence. Copy of check written to the business submitted and attach to my report.

Burglarized building/ rooms (lock) Force entry to multiple rooms inside of the business. Doors were pried open or kicked in by suspects.
Obtain 29 photographs of the incident, photos were submitted into Property and Evidence.
Scene Description: 6190 62nd Ave N, Ofc, Pinellas Park, FL 33781- Single story business
The business sits on the east side of the road, facing west towards Bonita St. The view of the business is open to the public. Inside the business the main office is on the west side of the property, the storage room is on the north side of the property. The pantry is on the northeast side of the property, and the shuffleboard room is located on the southeast of the business.
All rooms provided above had pry marks on the door, but…

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