Amelia Rose Elbridge Character Analysis

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Synopsis: Amelia life seems pretty perfect to her at least till a tragic accident happens that turns everything upside down. Amelia discovers that many secrets have been kept from her and realizes maybe her life was not so perfect after all.
Theme: My theme is coming out of your comfort zone.
Amelia Rose Elbridge is an over privileged young adult who was always taught to be very humble. Amelia is almost eighteen years old and has been homeschooled her whole life.
Emmett Orson is Amelia’s best friend who basically grew up with Amelia because his parents are very close to hers
Laura Elbridge is Amelia’s aunt who is snobby and is bitter towards her sister (Amelia’s mother) because their parent left her everything in their passing.
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Disappoint they decided to go check another Taylor to see if it could be her. Some more driving takes place and there is no sign of the resident of the house so they decided to stay the night in town and try again in the …show more content…
She hired a lawyer to exactly what has to happen so that she will be the sole owner of Amelia’s inherence.
Chapter Seven: The Kidnap
Emmett convinces Amelia that they need to go out and relax from all the stress that Amelia has been feeling. They leave to the downtown area of the city where they find a hot club named The Hive. Once they are in the club something is slipped into Amelia’s drink and when she and Emmett are separated she is taken away. From the club. Aunt is behind the kidnapping and a note is left at the hotel door claiming she went back home and never wants to speak to Emmett again.
Chapter Eight: Lost in a City of Silence
Amelia is left in the middle of nowhere. This is the flash forward part I will be describing in the first chapter. She finds Emmett’s phone by where she had woken up. It’s completely dead, so she decided to walk for miles looking for a sign of human life. It gets dark and Amelia is almost certain she is going to freeze to death. A car pulls up and it is Emmett, who had tracked his phone with a GPS his parents had installed in it so they could always find him.
Chapter Nine: Getting Back at Aunt

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