Essay about Colonization Of North America, By White People

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The United States has an entire day dedicated to the “discovery” of North America, despite the fact that it was already settled, just not by white people; this entails the ongoing concept of settler colonialism. Settler colonialism is the process in which a group of people, known as colonizers, moves to a new area with the goal of living on and conquering the land. It differs from classical colonialism, or financial imperialism, in that settler colonialism aims to conquer an area permanently, as opposed to temporarily using land to extract resources. Typically, settler colonialism involves one group, the colonists, which perceives the culture they are conquering as uncivilized, and attempts to “modernize” and “civilize” their culture, religion, familial structures, and clothing. Other means by which colonizers handled indigenous peoples’ presence include removing them from an area and pushing them into reservations, such as with the Indian Removal Act, exploiting them for use as a source of cheap labor, or simply massacring them, such as in the Wounded Knee Massacre. Settler colonialism is often referred to as something that happened in United States history, but it is more often argued that settler colonialism did not occur in past tense, because settler colonialism is a system that is currently, and will continue to be, an ongoing system in the United States. The goals of settler colonialism led to the mistreatment of Native Americans, Mexicans, Africans, and African…

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