College Level Writing : College Essay

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College-level writing. Just those simple words are enough to give high school students and college freshman crippling anxiety. The common conception about college-level writing for myself coming into the semester and several of my great friends was not good. We thought that our days of creatively writing and expressing ourselves through our essays was over. We believed that college-level writing was strictly researching information on a certain topic and presenting facts to support our claim. While this is true to a certain extent, there is so much more to college-level writing than I had imagined. After taking my Intro to College Writing class, I have learned that college-level writing is finding a way give the professor the information they are asking for, but also setting my paper apart from the other students by implementing my own style and creativity to the paper. Setting yourself apart from other students is a vital part of college. A college professor has countless essays to read through and grade and providing another boring essay to their stack of papers to grade will not be benefiting you in any way, shape, or form. Instead, add your own style and your own personality to the paper while also having a strong thesis and credible information to back it up. Imagine this, a biology professor is in her office going through thirty seven different papers all about the same exact topic: DNA structure and function. Sounds riveting right? She has gone through twenty four…

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