College Kid : Class Of 2019 Essay

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College Kid: “Class of 2019”

The one thing employers look for on a resume would be an applicant 's college education. Nowadays, it is harder to land a position unless you attended any type of college. Just knowing that you went, puts you above anyone who is just straight out of high school. But why is this considered such a big deal? Isn 't college just a continuation of high school? In my opinion college is for getting the job you want, that makes a lot of money and learning work related skills as well as taking classes that help you grow as a person. Some classes you take in college are unrelated to want your career will be but at the same time, I think only three-fourths of your classes should be devoted to career preparation and the other fourth for extra classes that can be used to help you in different aspects of your life.

For many people, the ability to earn more money is the main push behind attending a college. A post-secondary degree, whether it is a bachelor 's, master 's or PhD, is the most well-known course to careers that request higher aptitudes and offer higher pay. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided strong evidence that college [graduates] can get better work and more pay in its 2012 look at weekly income comparison. Associate degree holders earned $785 per week, and bachelor 's degree holders earned $1,066. Both are considerably higher than someone with just a high school diploma, who earned a median income of $652.”(Kokemuller) Income potential…

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