School Suspension And Expulsion Effective?

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School Punishment: Are Suspension and Expulsion Effective?
Education helps students to achieve academic success and reach their dreams in the future. Schools have to shape students’ behavior, so students can prepare and become ideal citizens. But what if schools cannot complete their role? What will happen to the students? Students’ behavior and discipline are major problems in school, because they can directly affect future society. So how can schools and parents deal with this issue?
Schools usually punish undisciplined students by keep them out of school for a period of time, known as suspension or expulsion. Students will have a chance to analyze their mistakes with parents. On the other hand, students will miss classes in school. Some
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The article “Forget the fire – just keep teaching; order in the classroom” says that school discipline is a major nation issues in 1984, create fear in school (Brooks). Discipline problems affect other students and teachers. Students cannot focus to achieve their academic standard, and in response to the violence environment in school, they bring weapons to school for self-defense. Teachers also stressed because they cannot solve students’ behavior, and sometimes students’ discipline problems become a threat that make teachers quit their job. School suppose be a safe place for students to learn, not a dangerous place to go to. Without harsh punishments like suspension and expulsion, school will become a messy place. The article “Out-of-School Suspension and Expulsion” shows that suspension and expulsion become an effective way for school to punish students, alert parents, and protect other student and school staff (Taras, et. al.) Students can analyze their mistakes with parents, and find a good way to fix their behavior. School and teachers can have more time to help students and work with parents, and also a warning for other students. Suspension and expulsion can make school become a safety place by “kicking” undisciplined students. Another discipline method that Schept, Wall, and Brisman provide in their article “Building, staffing, and insulating”, known as School Resource Officer Program (SROs). This program will allow law enforcement officer to attend at school and arrest students on school ground (Schept, Wall, and Brisman). Law and police help school to discipline student. The involvement of SROs will help school provide a good environment for learning. Also in this article, many people, including parents, oppose these policies because they think students should have freedom at school, without the threat of sanction (Schept,

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