Essay on College Is The Right Move For College

1049 Words May 31st, 2016 null Page
Life as I know it has seemed to come to an end. The countless acts of fun and having no responsibility has come to a halt. These treacherous duties have managed to push its way into my teenage life, as my high school years come to an end. I now have to decide whether or not going to college is the right move for me and which career path I am willing to take on.After much thought, I have decided that going to college is not the best path to take considering my financial situation and no support from my family. The one career that I had an interest in for a long time is the aviation industry. Since I am just a high school graduate, I would not be able to take on an immense task such as becoming a pilot, but a job that will allow me to be a part of the business.After much consideration, I choose to become a flight attendant, which may not seem like much, but I can assure that this job is not an easy one to obtain. As I went through the process of finding the correct job that suited my position I recognized that regardless of the career path you prefer each one has its own set of demands and qualifications. At the end of every job you should understand the benefits of knowing how to budget your own money, make the right financial decisions, and learn how to separate your needs from your wants.

Throughout this real life simulation project, I learned how to budget my money. As I looked for a reasonable area to live, I realized that due to my certain career path I would not be…

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