Assignment On Lack Of Health Insurance

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Research Assignment
Have you ever knew anyone that has lost their job due to being fired or laid? I bet most people would say yes to this question. When these people end up losing their job they also end up losing something else that is very important to have which is having health insurance that pays for their family and their own medical bills. The reason they end up losing their health insurance is that their health benefits were provided by their employer. Before the worker finds a new job they might have unexpected family medical bills come up, these bills could be from a visit a to the clinic to treat an illness or unexpected trip to the hospital emergency room from being in an accident. This is what happen to me.
A few years ago I was laid off because the company I was working for was closing most of their stores and was laying off many of their workers.
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America has an employer-based financing system, employers are not forced to provide health care coverage to their employees which leaves their employee left to pay for health coverage out their own pocket. Lack of health insurance affects many groups of people, including both workers and non-workers, people of all races, ethnic group, income levels, and people with a range of different health conditions; however, those that make the lower incomes have a greater risk of not being covered by insurance. Being uninsured affects people’s access to receive health care and they more likely to be hospitalized or die from conditions that could have been prevented with the use of primary care. Those without health care coverage struggle financially to pay their medical bills which can quickly add up to financial debt causing them to lose their car or truck and their home leaving them homeless and poor.ethnic

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