College Is The Best Way For People Essay

3154 Words May 1st, 2015 13 Pages
College is the best way for people to be successful. A famous journalist, Dan Rater has said, “A college degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity.” Many people feel lost after they graduated high school, they don’t know what challenge is waiting for them; and they have to make the toughest decision in their lives: either go to college or go to work, those two choices will completely change people’s lives. Education can improve people’s lives, and everybody can be educated by going to college; with no doubt, going to college will be the wisest decision people ever made. It is important to go to college. First, people can be more educated if they go to college. Education can make people keep up with the real world and turn dreams into reality. People will always turn themselves into confident and knowledgeable after they go to college. Second, an educated people will have more opportunity than others. Undergraduates have lots of advantages on socializing and job searching. They will meet all kinds of friend in college; no matter what their races is, where they come from or what their first language is, people will always make friend with each other. Also, it is easier for college students to find a job. There are lots of job opportunity in college, people will always find a well-pay job by going to the workshops and apply online through their college website. Third,…

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