College Is A Big Obstacle For Students Coming Out Of High School

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College is a big obstacle for students coming out of high school. College is such an obstacle because not everyone has enough financial support to go through college. Adam Davidson discusses in his article, Is College Tuition Really That High? , that the average student does not receive enough financial aid. Education is one of the most efficient way to become successful and to learn more about the world they live in. College proves difficult for many, but getting a stable job is the goal of life, and an education is necessary most of the time. Back since 1974, tuition has been on the rise and reached new heights. The diagram below is from Mr. Davidson’s article and is the perfect representation of how tuition has risen. As tuition increases, the amount of financial aid given is unable to meet the needs of the low income students, thus going for higher education has become extremely difficult. The graph depicts that if this trend continues, public colleges will reach approximately the same price as private colleges one day. Another reason why tuition is increasing is because of “the state governments’ unwillingness or inability to raise per-student financing.” (Davidson) The government is spending less on colleges. Therefore, it must be compensated through charging more with tuition. As the government cut more of the funds from education, tuition cost will steadily increase. Financial aid is given to students who are in need of money to pay for their education.…

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