College Freshmen : An Example Of A Stratified Random Sampling

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5. a)For this survey a unit would be the individual fulltime college freshmen. The population would be the all college freshmen. The sample would be the 252,082 freshmen that take part in the survey to represent all college freshmen.

b) This is an example of a stratified random sample because the population is divided into groups, which in this case the groups would be universities, and then a simple random sample is taking from each university.

c) This would be an example of cluster sampling because all colleges and universities represent the clusters and the 464 random samples of clusters are chosen and within those 464 all the first year students were observed.

d) The two sampling methods described in b and c would be easier to implement than a simple random sample because of expense, convenience, and consistency. It is much easier to see regional differences in these two methods than it is in a simple random sampling. Whatever is being measured is more consistent in clusters as opposed to the whole population.

11. I would ask anyone who wanted to answer the question. I wouldn’t want to bother someone who his indifferent on the topic. The reason this poll failed is because convenience hinders the accuracy of the study. The opinion taken at convenience cannot represent people who actually have strong thoughts toward the poll. Therefore, the poll is destined to fail due to the fact that such an opinion cannot be extended to the entire population. Quota sampling is not…

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