College Experience: My Experience In My College Life

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Some expectations that I have beginning my college life is the different setting and surrounding of a new school. I expect myself to continue getting good grades and being involved in school. Like beginning any new school, I think it 's just going to be hard getting used to the building and classes. Since its college its obviously has different rules. I think that it is going to be harder adjusting to the workload of college rather than high school where in some classes I would not get as much homework or having to study much. I’m looking forward in starting my nursing education and learning more about the human body and overall health of it. I’m excited the nursing and sciences classes along with my spanish classes that I want to continue …show more content…
I also believe that it creates a better experience for myself in my new college experience. I think that it 's great into knowing more people and knowing that they can help you whenever you need it.
Successful intelligence can help me see my strengths along with my weaknesses allowing me to see ways in how I can improve myself and allowing me to grow as a person and student. This can als help me in acknowledging how I can achieve my goals by setting short and long term goals to keep me on track with my goal of getting a degree.
Some short term goals that I have in mind is to pass successfully with an A for my summer class of certified nursing assistant.. Long term goals that I have is to be able to manage my time effectively along with keeping my grades up and being able to exercise at least 3 times a week. I think that exercising really helps me in destressing myself especially during finals. I want to organize myself as much as possible as I’ve been working on my organization especially during my senior year of high school. Furthermore I have goals to go on after Joliet Junior College to earn my bachelors in science in nursing. I want to continue my education furthermore after jjc as I want to learn
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These ways impact my way in how I learn because in some situations, for example a mathematics class, it necessary to think creativity or “outside the box” in order to get the answer. The three different types of thinking are effective depending on the situation or in college courses.
A time in which I failed to communicate myself thoroughly was during my cross country season when I was injured but didn 't want to tell my coach anything because I thought that the pain wouldn 't last much longer. It was wrong of me not to communicate with my coach as communication is very important in any sport. I learned that it very important to say communicated with a coach because it allows a better understand of why I’m not working as hard as I could.
Being a minority for me can be difficult at times just because I come from a different background than some of my peers. I believe that I can overcome some difficulties when I am more comfortable talking to other peers from different cultures along with my instructors. I believe that it 's a matter of getting used to the college environment not much the difficulties of my culture or

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