A Move On When Ready Student Analysis

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This year was my first year taking a real college class and it was nothing like high school. I took APUSH last year, and it was just as hard as the real college classes. However, in APUSH we had way more test, homework, quizzes, etc. I learned that in college, you only go for a couple of days and you only get a couple of tests, which means you have to score high on each one of them if you want to pass the class. I deserve at least a low A in Composition 1101 , because of my hard work, im a MOWR student and my GPA.

I deserve an A because of my all hard work throughout the course. This semester I took 12 credit hours and it was not easy keeping up with all my assignments but I did. In my composition 1101 class, we had all these essays and
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A Move On When Ready student has to go to both high school and college and we receive a grade for both. This puts a lot of stress and pressure on us because if we dont pass we fail both college and highschool. We were advised by so many people before joining the program because they wanted to know we were ready to move on from high school. I do know that my grade is my responsibility and that what I get now will stay with me throughout college and that 's a big reason why I want at least a A. I know that when we joined the program they told us that our professors were not going to treat us like high school students, but I feel like this is wrong, because Move On When Ready is supposed to help us transition from high school to college. They shouldn 't just throw us to the shark but during my short time in the Move On When Ready program I have grown to enjoy it very much and I have learned so much from all my professors. I really hope I get a A in your class because I feel like I have learned so much from you, and I 'm not only talking about essays and grammar but also as a person. The discussions we have had in class have helped me grow as a person and I feel like that is something that is very hard to do with

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