College Education Is Worth The Expense Essay

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A college education is undeniably worth the expense because there are better paying jobs, students will gain more knowledge in a variety of fields, and many college dropouts are encouraged to go back to school. (FINISH INTRODUCTION)
Going to college is worth the expense because there are better paying jobs. Many college graduates who do finish college end up with a higher paying job rather than people who do not. Individuals without a high school diploma or even with a high school diploma earn less money rather than people who have a Bachelor’s or Doctoral degree. Even people who have their Associates degree earn more income that is weekly. He says, “To worldly wealth, education adds richness” (Smith). Most people who go to college have higher paying income than the people who do not go. He says, “Graduates enjoy increased opportunities for employment at higher rates of pay, providing them with the wherewithal to pay off debt… It also brings joy into lives in a world that is increasingly stressful” (Smith). Furthermore, earning a college degree, leads to less stress and a better job with a higher income.
Another reason college is worth the expense is because they can earn higher paying jobs. As for many individuals they would rather work and make money than go further on with their education other than a high school diploma. They are then stuck earning a low, average income when they could be earning more money, more income if they were to pursue a higher education. He…

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