College Education Is Worth The Cost Essay

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Have you ever wondered if the cost of a college education is worth the cost? This is what parents think when their high school senior is applying for college. Students see the beauty of the school; parents see the bills. Each year, incoming college freshman are beginning their new adventure of going to a college or university. The biggest concern about starting school is how students will pay for this expensive education. Some people believe that the cost for a college education is not worth it. Although the cost of education has sky-rocketed, it is still worth it. College is more than just writing a hefty check to a school to educate students. It is what students make it. Having a college education is worth the investment because students are not only gaining an education. College students gain high income jobs, character from their experiences, important connections, and life skills.
Many intelligent people believe that a college education is not always necessary in order to be successful. There are different routes other than a post-secondary education. There are people that only have a high school diploma and are still successful. There are others that have a college degree and are not working jobs that are related to their major. They can even make more money with the job that is not related to their college major. “Stephens, himself a dropout of Arkansas’ Hendrix College, argues that astronomical student debt—currently averaging $29,400 per student—is a solid reason…

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